WHAT IS IBEXMEDWORLD. is a cross-border healthcare-industry portal with offices in Beijing, China; and in Pune, India. It draws on the support of the India-China Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ICCCI) on one hand and, on the other, on the support and patronage of governmental bodies and NGOs; healthcare luminaries, establishmentsand institutions from all over the world, but primarily from India and China.


The primary aim of the portal is to serve as a meeting point for those at the source of, those who facilitate, and those at the destination of all issues related to healthcare. This aim addresses all persons, establishments, manufacturers, industries and materials that are involved in diagnosis, treatment, equipment, services, fitness, education, exhibiting and caregiving, among other fields of healthcare.

Currently, the portal has also established a novel cooperative system among the healthcare sectors in India, China, Ukraine, and some nations in the Gulf, the Middle East and Africa; and will soon bring into its fold several other countries from the Far East and South-East Asia. Further, more than 700 Link Masters from 65 countries around the world presently come under the portal’s umbrella to further consolidate the global reach of this site. Link Masters are our ‘ambassadors’ who bridge the healthcare, manufacturing, business, investment and / or socio-political sectors in the countries they represent, and who will forge a unique cooperative effort on virtually a worldwide scale.


Our mission is to provide one-stop solutions to cooperative efforts among the world’s governmental bodies; healthcare professionals and establishments; pharmaceutical companies; medical-equipment manufacturers; medical education establishments of all genres; export-trade enterprises; and the healthcare service providers’ sectors, among others.

Moreover, we seek to further facilitate medical tourism between the linked nations that come under the portal’s umbrella and the rest of the world.


Our vision,primarily, is to create a single-market platform for the global medical industry,offering it both online and offline services. Further, we seek to offer patients from all over the world exclusive, yet inexpensive, treatment in some of the best-known hospitals. Other novel initiatives of a cooperative nature are in the pipeline.


Ibex Group (IG) is a professionally owned and -managed start-up having a strong presence in India and China. IG’s first venture was Ibex Corporate and Leisure Tours, which was launched in September 2007. Since then, IG has never looked back. The group has ventured into many business streams and has established itself as a reputable player with five more companies in India and China. These are:

  • Ibex New Concepts Pvt. Ltd. (India);
  • Ibex New Concepts & Mega Events (India);
  • Ibex Language Training and Consultancy (India);
  • Beijing Ibex International Exhibition Co. Ltd. (China);
  • Beijing Ibex International Business & Consulting Co. Ltd. (China).

Our expertise lies in connecting business groups such as manufacturers, importers, traders, entrepreneurs, organizers, service providers and trade bodies and governmental / non-governmental organisations from various countries in an enduring association. This connection aims at benefiting those in the various medical industries, specifically related to treatment, tourism, device manufacturers and sellers, after-sales service, and healthcare-related events. We are building excellent business relationships and networking with governments, project partners, businesses, trade bodies, and allied agencies across a spectrum of markets and industries.

IG has so far successfully delivered over 100 projects in markets in diverse verticals.

IG’s Founder Director, Mr. SHAIKH Azam (Aiwen), invested time and effort to become fluent in the Mandarin language at the Beijing Chinese Language & Culture School. Thereafter, he decided to establish a base in Beijing and launched a series of business enterprises, all of which led to the conceptualisation of this web portal.

Now, by virtue of his contacts, experience and credentials, he represents the India-China Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ICCCI) in China as its Honorary Chief Representative. He is also a partner of ‘Grand Medical Tourism’, a company based in Thane, Maharashtra, India. Further, he is the sole representative for the “Beijing Solomon Brothers Medical Technology” company in India.

Recently Mr. Aiwen was appointed the Executive Vice-Chairman of the “World Healthcare Industry Conference” to be held in Beijing in May 2019.

After working in events, hospitality & tourism sectors for more than three decades, Mr. Aiwen realized the hardships one has to face when travelling overseas. He also understood that it was not just individuals but businesses too that face many hurdles in creating overseas markets.

He came up with the idea of – an online info-media portal that will link international businesses across the globe. Additionally, it will also provide easy access to information about current trade fairs, conferences, CMEs, symposiums, latest R&D, buyer-seller meets, manufacturers’ updates, installation and after-sales-service providers, and product vendor details to hospitals, doctors and other users across 65 countries