Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer (large Manual Door)

Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer (large manual door)

CNY 300.00 - CNY 1000.00

Company Profile

Henan Sanqiang Medical Equipment Liability Co.,Ltd first set up  Sino-German Joint Venture medical equipment company which lead in Hua County, Henan Province since 2000. After many years of development, by virtue of our professional standard and mature technology in the field of medical equipment, we rise rapidly in the medical field and have committed to R&D, innovation on the basis of introduction Germany advanced technology, we have already successfully developed a series of Hydrogen Peroxide Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer, Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Cabinet, Dry Heat Speedy Sterilizer, Wet Heat Speedy High Pressure steam Sterilizer, Three-times Pre-vacuum Pulse Steam autoclave, Endoscope Storage Cabinet, Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine and related consumption material. 

Our company has been regard “quality assurance, professional services, customer satisfaction” as business purposes. Insist on“best quality, integrity first”philosophy, have won unanimous endorsement of our customer and community. During these years of development, we have been awarded the honor of “China Top Ten Brands of Sterilization Industry”, “Henan Integration&Innovation Demonstration Enterprise” “Top Hundred Enterprise”. We also have passed the CE Certification, ISO9001:2000 International Quality Management System Certification. 

We insist on quality & technology first, integrity compliance faith to welcome each partner who interested to join in and you would like work together to implement to create win-win situation. 

Product Description

[air replacement] automatic ventilation, ventilation frequency and interval time can be set freely

[automatic control system] one button start to end, the whole process automatically complete with the print record

[display] state display temperature, humidity and pressure, sterilization time, processing time, the number of residual gas

[printer] the whole process of sterilization information recording and printing, for verification check.

[humidity sensor] built-in humidity sensor automatic detection of cavity humidity, to ensure that the cavity humidity is not less than 45%RH.

[pressure sensor] built-in pressure sensor automatically detects cavity pressure, to ensure the accurate and effective pressure inside the chamber.

[temperature sensor] built-in temperature sensor, automatic detection of cavity temperature, to ensure that the cavity temperature is maintained at 50 degrees C + 3 temperature within the precise range.

[humidifying system] pulse humidification under vacuum condition, ensure the humidity of the cavity is even and controllable; the humidity of the sterilizing room should be controlled within the relative humidity range of 45%-80%;

[] residual processing device filter on particle diameter of more than 0.3 m the filtering rate of not less than 99.5%.

[sterilization room] leak rate determination of leakage rate at no-load, sterilization room temperature constant, test pressure -50kPa, time 1H were determined under the conditions of determination of time average leakage rate less than 0.16kPa/min.

[rate] vacuum under no-load condition, atmospheric vacuum sterilizer from time to -60kPa should be less than 30min.

[vacuum system] using oil-free vacuum pump, simple and convenient, fast vacuum speed, long service life.

Heating system adopts explosion proof electric heating device, which is more convenient and quick

[pallet rack] use 304 stainless steel pallet rack

Product Specification

Vacuum speed

25 minutes to -60kpa

Sterilization room material

304 anticorrosive stainless steel

Standard sterilization time (min)

0-99 hours adjustable

Sterilization temperature(℃)


Gas selection

Pure ethylene oxide gas

Power connection


Outer box material

Carbon steel (thick 1.8mm) baking powder

Humidity during sterilization


Working pressure


Ethylene oxide sterilization concentration


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