Shenzhen Lanmage Medical Technology Co.,Ltd -Muses-Ⅰ(6600)

Origin: China
Brand: Lanmage
The Blue Shadow has a high-quality high-voltage generator with its own patented technology. The maximum tube current is 640mA and the maximum milliampere second is 640mAs. It is also the highest technical index in the industry's 50KW high voltage generator. It can meet the needs of clinically higher photographic parameters.

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Company Profile

Shenzhen Lanmage Medical Technology Co.,Ltd., with corporate headquarters located in Shenzhen, is a leading Chinese developer, manufacturer, and supplier of medical devices whose mission is to deliver high-quality, richly featured medical products making healthcare more accessible and affordable around the world. Lanmage provides solutions in this core business: Medical Imaging.
The R&D center and industry leading investment of 10% annual revenue into research and development further demonstrates Lanmage’s commitment to innovation and advancing technology in a global market.
Since the 2000 market launch of the first digital radiography system, Lanmage continuously innovates in the field of medical imaging. In 2010, Lanmage launched Chinese first ceiling suspension DR with three detectors that provides more flexible configuration solutions according to individual clinical requirements. With a robust independent research and development capability, Lanmage is extending the range and capabilities of imaging systems by advancing image quality, optimizing work-flow, and improving the patient experience.
Since the inception of its medical imaging business in 1996, Lanmage has embarked on a clear path of technology evolution in this specialized field. Securing patents on China’s first full digital B/W and then color Doppler ultrasound systems, with a growing number of patented technologies in its portfolio, Lanmage is well positioned to increase market presence as one of the top Chinese players in ultrasound imaging.

Product Description

1. Wide clinical applications:The structural design of Muse--1(6600), particularly suited to orthostatic, supine, oblique, chest, stretchers, wheelchairs and bone radiology. It can be applied to conventional, trauma and emergency radiography. In addition, it can be used for the special position of the oblique projection.

2. Compact floor mounted design:Steady move, simple installation, save space and investment. Floating table, vertical and horizontal stand movement, and electromagnetic locking, can provide the most reliable protection to the patient, in the case of a sudden power failure.

3. Green low dose imaging:With high frequency voltage generator, current and voltage are generated from the Two sets of independent control circuit system, improving excellent X-Ray quality, greatly enhancing the efficiency use, providing high--quality clinical images, and reducing the scattering of X--Ray and harm to doctors and patients.

4. User friendly workflow:Anatomically Programmed Radiography (APR) settings make it possible for patients with various examination. Meanwhile, wrong or missing filters can be eliminated. Various parameters can be preset easily to acquire high resolution images.

Product Specification

  1. High voltage generator

The generator is high-frequency and high-voltage with Lanmage own patented technology. The maximum tube current is 640mA and the maximum mAs is 640. It is 50KW high voltage generator. It can meet the needs of clinically higher photographic parameters.

  1. Proven a-Si flat panel technology

 With the industry's leading digital detector, Muse--1(6600) delivers high image quality With Proven dose reduction. A static amorphous silicon flat panel detector with high quality tens of millions of pixels, it delivers high Detective Quantum Efficiency, enabling you to take full advantages of signal while reducing dose. You get improved image quality at clinically relevant spatial resolution. You can acquire higher--quality image at a lower dose without compromising image quality.

  1. High heat capacity X-ray tube

High heat capacity X-ray tube is used, with dual-focus, its maximum power can be perfectly matched with the Lanmage high-quality high-voltage generator, ensuring matched well between the high-voltage generator and the tube.

  1. Industry-leading "i-Vision" digital image processing system

The latest “i-Vision” system platform of Lanmage has been updated to version The new version integrates Lanmage unique clinical image processing functions to bring a more accurate and convenient clinical experience to the clinic.

Supporting Accessories

1:High frequency high voltage generator 
2:X-ray tube 
3:Digital flat panel detector 
4:Vertical bucky stand 
5:Fixed integrated radiographic table
6:Lanmage integrated DR digital image acquisition and processing system 
7:Computer workstation
8:X-ray tube column system 
9:High voltage cable 
12:Interphone system 

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