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EX20 is a stable & smart ultrasound system, putting reliable ultrasound technology within the reach of your private practice, specialized clinic, or hospital. It offers solid image quality, multiple measurements packages including advanced 4D capabilities and cardiac 

USD 434.00 - USD 1157.00

Company Profile

Shenzhen Lanmage Mdical Technology Co.,Ltd., with corporate headquarters located in Shenzhen, is a leading Chinese developer, manufacturer, and supplier of medical devices whose mission is to deliver high-quality, richly featured medical products making healthcare more accessible and affordable around the world. Lanmage provides solutions in this core business: Medical Imaging.

The R&D center and industry leading investment of 10% annual revenue into research and development further demonstrates Lanmage’s commitment to innovation and advancing technology in a global market.

Since the 2000 market launch of the first digital radiography system, Lanmage continuously innovates in the field of medical imaging. In 2010, Lanmage launched Chinese first ceiling suspension DR with three detectors that provides more flexible configuration solutions according to individual clinical requirements. With a robust independent research and development capability, Lanmage is extending the range and capabilities of imaging systems by advancing image quality, optimizing work-flow, and improving the patient experience.

Since the inception of its medical imaging business in 1996, Lanmage has embarked on a clear path of technology evolution in this specialized field. Securing patents on China’s first full digital B/W and then color Doppler ultrasound systems, with a growing number of patented technologies in its portfolio, Lanmage is well positioned to increase market presence as one of the top Chinese players in ultrasound imaging.

Product Description

AQM fully quantized multi-core digital processing system
The continuous signals of the multi-core CPU are all converted into digital signals by using quantizer coding.
DPF digital fine focus technology
The traditional dynamic focus interval is not less than 0.154 mm; the interval of digitized fine focus is less than 0.02 mm, so that each sample point can be accurately focused.
PIHI(Pulse Inverse Harmonic Imaging)
PIHI is a new modality that distort the fundamental pulse signal and extract the pure broadband harmonic signal due to its highest amplitude. Thus PIHI can improve image overall uniformity with high resolution and high penetration than traditional THI (Tissue Harmonic Imaging).
LanSRI(Speckle Reduction Imaging)
LanSRI function is capable to decompose the image to a group of smaller ones in pyramid structure, analysis the  texture information to remove speckle noise in different scales and then reconstruct the image after the noise suppression. LanSRI can help to enhance smooth along preferred edge direction, reduces variation within speckle region, and maintain local mean gray scale level.
LanBeam(Spatial Compounding Imaging)
With LanBeam, doctors can scan multiple coplanar images from different angles and combine into a single image in real  time, one angle will be perpendicular to round or oval reflector. Doctors can get greater smoothness of borders and interfaces, improved contrast resolution and border detection.
Premium Ultrasound Capabilities
Color Flow Peak Velocity Capture Capture the peak flow signals within a certain time duration, in order to improve the low speed blood flow and low perfusion  organ (such as tumor blood supply)
Anatomical M-Mode(up to lines)
A novel technique for the quantitative evaluation of regional wall motion analysis with 360º during echocardiography,  permitting a more detailed analysis of cardiac chambers diameters, regional wall motion of the left ventricle, and location of accessory pathways.
TDI(Tissue Doppler Imaging)
TDI using Doppler to quantify the velocity of tissue rather than blood, allows the visualization of tissue movement, usually performed on the myocardium. This tool is typically used to assess levels of diastolic function of  the left ventricle by placing a sample volume at the mitral valve annulus.
Real-time 3D Imaging(4D imaging)
Real time imaging
Real Skin imaging with light source and depth view
Tomographic Ultrasound Imaging

Product Specification

  1. 15-inch color LCD monitor,
  2. Omini directional mechanic arm
  3. Flexible rotation, providing you with high-definition, high-resolution images to effectively alleviate visual fatigue
  4. Three probe interface and stable protection cable hook design, easy to take and optimize, probe management
  5. Front USB interface for easy and fast input and output of video images
  6.  Satellite ring operation button design, let you master everything
  7. Probe automatic freezing function to extend probe life
  8.  User-defined buttons for your operational needs
  9. Automatic capture of imaging parameters, one-click achievement of preset values, improve work efficiency
  10. Universal wheel and four-wheel straight lock design make it easier for you to move and stabilize equipment

Supporting Accessories

Wideband probe (standard)


Convex array probe

Line array probe



Wideband probe (optional)


Phased array probe

Intracavity probe

Volume probe




Standard accessories


Set of operating manual

Coupling agent

Host three-core power cord 


Terms & Conditions

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