3000 - Evolution

3000 - Evolution

USD 1721.77 - USD 3156.57

Company Profile

We are incorporate in 2011 named by MIS Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Having registered company logo and special theme is ‘Enrich Towards Quality’ With ISO 9001:2008.

MIS services in medical field since from last 12+ years, It is service leading company for Hi-tech Medical Equipments & Software’s.

MIS Healthcare Pvt. Ltd specialized in Quality Assurance for All X-ray Radiation Equipments Like X-Ray Machines, C-arm, OPG, Dental X-Ray, Mammography, CBCT, C.T. Scan, Cathlab, Bone Densitometer etc. Epsilon equipment s Sales and Service provide for X-Ray Machines, C-arm, OPG, Dental X-Ray etc. and FujiFilm equipments Sale & Service provide for CR’S, Printers, DR, PACs, & Mammography machines with Software as well as Pathological Equipments like Cell Counter, Biochemistry Analyzer, Electrolyte Analyzer & Urine Analyzer and their Re-agents.

Product Description

    120 programming locations
    7 filters with one free optional position
    18 µl flow cell- low reagent consumption
    Built-in 10 postions dry block incubator
    400 test result memory
    On line real time graph for all linear tests
    Large backlit graphical display
    Built -in thermal printer


Product Specification

    Evolution 3000 Semi
    Principle : Colorimetric method
    Assay methods : End Points, Kinetic, Fixed Time, Differential, multistandard.
    Memory : 120 Pragrams,400 test results
    Measuring System : Reset : Automatic
    Measuring range : -0.200 to + 2.500 O.D
    Photometric accuracy : ±1% from 0 to 2000 O.D.
    precision : ±1 Digit
    Drift : Lower than 0.005 O.D per hr.
    Reagent Volume in Cuvette : 1ml (min) for microcuvette, 0.3ml
    for Semimicrocuvette
    Wash functions : Manual
    Flow System : Flow cell :18μl
    Typical working volume :500μl
    Min working  volume : 350μl
    Carry over : Lower than 1%
    Aspiration : Peristaltic pump with programmable
    sipping volume
    Optics : Light Source : 20W long life halogen lamp
    Spectral field : 340 to 6


Supporting Accessories

Supporting Accessories

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