Stethoscopes Ri - Rap

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USD 72.00 - USD 93.00

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MIS Healthcare is a UK based exclusive distributor for world leading medical manufacturers, providing state of the art products ranging from high end medical imaging diagnostic equipment, PACS/RIS, medical consumables and diagnostic instruments.

Our dedication and many years of experience has allowed us to partner with world leading manufacturers such as Samsung, Planmed, Novarad, Giotto Mammography and Riester Medical Diagnostic Equipment.

Technology continuously evolves and so do we, at MIS Healthcare we remain driven by our passion for providing excellent imaging solutions in the interest of accurate diagnosis, perfecting those solutions and delighting our customers. 

Product Description

The universal stethoscope ri-rap® with double chest-piece anddouble tube system convinces by its flexible range of applications. Very good acoustics in all frequency ranges.

- Strong double tube with separate sound-conducting pathways for the left and right ears guarantees extra-ordinary audio-conductivity.

- Alternatively with 40 cm or 80 cm tube length.

- Heavy chromium-plated double chest-piece with two membrane sides, Ø 45 mm and 32 mm.

- Special membranes with surface structure to adapt better to the skin.

- Both membrane sides can be simply and quickly refitted with the enclosed bells (Ø 33.5 mm, 27.3 mm, 20.3 mm) with the screw connections.

- Replacement parts box: three bells, each with a transparent membrane, two pairs of replacement ear-tips.

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Product Specification


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