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Company Profile

GAKSUNG WORLD is one of the leading companies in the wellness industry with it’s headquarter based at Cheonan in South Korea. The company is formed by Mr. Cho Je Yun, who is a renowned name of alternative healthcare industry around the world. The technology used by the company is Low Level Laser Therapy which is one of its kinds and Gaksung is one of the very few companies to make use of it. The Indian operations of the company is carried out from it’s headquarter based in New Delhi under the leadership of Mr. Ranjan Ojha, who is the pioneer of therapy industry in India.

In India GAKSUNG is providing Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) with the combination of Thermal therapy which is highly accepted and appreciated in European and many other countries. Through our unique marketing strategy we are providing free of cost therapy to the Indian families regardless of their religious, socio economic status.

Product Description

Samcho Plus, which is being developed by the Gaksung World, is a great source of FIR Rays. Globally the FIR Rays are being used to enhance the healing of all the living being and are also used by the medical practitioners to cure various chronic diseases. Samcho Plus is made up of new Super Fedolight which is of hexagonal shape and is a great source of energy. Samcho is a Korean word in which ‘Sam’ means three & ‘Cho’ means heat, thus if we take therapy on Samcho Plus so we can cover three parts of our body at the same time i.e from neck to lower abdomen. The minerals which are used to develop Fedolight, like Sericite, Elvan, Germanium, Serpentine, Ferrite and Illite are the most favorable components for generating FIR Rays while being heated.
As we lie down on the Samcho Plus or take therapy by placing it over our body, the FIR Rays deep penetrates our body which enhances the body temperature and improves the circulation of blood. It helps our body to fight with diseases and injuries through it’s natural healing process. It is beneficial in many other ways like it helps in Nerve Hormone Control, Blood Vessel Management, Toxin Discharge, Ache Relaxation, Promotes Cell Reformation, Spine Alignment, Pelvis Reformation, and Increases Immunity Power, besides these, there are many other benefits of Samcho Plus.
Specialties of Samcho Plus
As soon we start taking therapy on Samcho Plus, our complete body heats up instantly at the same time as 220 Super Fedolights which are placed in it emits Thermal FIR Rays, resulting in quick healing. The Fedolight when heated at 40C it produces 95.5% of FIR whose wavelength is of 9.36 micron which is equivalent to the heat emitted from the human body, thus our body absorbs the FIR Rays adequately.

Product Specification

  • Improves the metabolic activities of the body
  • Regulates the blood circulation
  • Normalizes the high blood pressure
  • Removes blood clots
  • Beneficial in heart conditions
  • Removes body toxins
  • Maintains the pH level of the body
  • Improves the immunity system
  • Helpful in treating arthritis and gout
  • Removes stiffness of muscles
  • Helpful in sinus problem
  • Helpful in curing migraine problem
  • Effective for skin related problems

Supporting Accessories

Supporting Accessories

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